Fundrasier for Nick!


Come get your grub on for a good cause!

Please help in any way you can!

Nick looking great only a week after 2 brain surgeries

Nick is coming along well.  Through all this craziness Nick has maintained a strong positive attitude that would be admired by all.

He’s  just started his chemo and radiation treatment which he has 3 times a week. Along with that he is still receiving physical, occupational and speech therapy. Even during these busy and exhausting days he still keeps a strong smile on his face.

However, between 3 brain surgeries, MRI’s, multiple ER visits and an array of other treatments including relearning to walk, form sentences and just do day to day tasks… things are starting to add up. Luckily Nick does have insurance but that only covers so much. His medicine for chemo alone is $700 a month (after insurance) and that’s not including  his other meds as well as his own personal bills that he is still having to pay even though he is not able to work or receive a paycheck.

We’d love if we could ask for you support….

If you are able to make a donation to help fund his recovery it would mean the world to us. Even if it’s only $10… it all adds up. If that isn’t possible for you at the moment we totally understand, but would love if you could send your positive love and words his way. Feel free to leave your words as a comment here or you are welcome to email them or send a letter too.

Please click on Donate to link to Nick’s Recovery Fund, a PayPal account, for your convenience. Or if you would prefer to send a check, message me and I will send you the address.


Thank you for your time, love and support.


P.S. This is a surprise… he’ll be given the donations and a huge card with everyone’s love on it. Don’t worry I’ll send pics.  Thanks!


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